Hearsay When I Hear It!

This is my second attempt at making a legal game for the Android operating system. Hearsay When I Hear It! is a game to test not only how well you know the Federal Rules of Evidence, but whether you can apply them in real time.

In law school, you discuss the rules of evidence slowly and in detail. You have a final exam where you likely have a few hours to contemplate the applicability of the rules. What you might not get is the actual experience of trying to apply them on the fly in a courtroom setting. This game attempts to do just that.

There are currently two trials to choose from, four witnesses, each with a pool of thirty questions. In addition, there are multiple difficulty levels to vary how much time you have to respond to a question or answer.

I'll be up front and tell you that the most unrealistic aspect of the game (aside from the fact that one of the trials is based upon Frankenstein) is that you have to object to every question if it is objectionable. There is no room for strategically not objecting. However, you can't choose not to object if you can't identify what is objectionable in the first place, so there is value in this method.

This page will serve as a place where I answer questions people have about the app and provide basic support for both the Android version (already published) and the iPhone version once it is approved for distribution.

If you have ideas for future trials, let me know. Enjoy!

Get Hearsay When I Hear It! from the Google Play Store.

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