Thursday, September 22, 2016

Office Lens For Android Just Got a Big Improvement

As you may recall, I've been an Office Lens fan for a while now. When we switched to Office 365 in my program earlier this year, I began telling everyone I worked with that they had to get Office Lens. Because we are on the road a lot and away from scanners, etc., Office Lens really helps us make copies of client documents. I use it a lot in the County Recorders' offices when I need to get old deeds, for example.

But, there was always a problem for us Android users. It wouldn't save to a work or school account. You had to have a personal account to save to. I was always willing to overlook this problem, but it was hard to explain this quirk to some of my colleagues. And to be fair, it never should have been a problem for us Android users. This hasn't been a problem for iPhone users for nearly a year.

Yesterday though, I opened Office Lens and saw the notification I'd been waiting for: Office Lens is now able to connect to my work or school account. Being the grumpy person I sometimes am, I muttered something along the lines of, "it's about time" then scanned the deed I was looking at.

But when I got back to my office and saw my deed waiting for me in my work OneDrive folder, I realized that, yeah, this is actually a big deal. Now, a big quirk that made Office Lens clunky for me and my Android friends was gone, which meant I could be much more full-throated in my encouraging my colleagues to start using Office Lens.

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