Thursday, September 12, 2013


Previously, we created an digital version of our signature with a transparent background. Today, we're going to see how to turn it into a stamp in Adobe Pro. 

At this point, a lot of law offices are using Adobe Pro, even non-profit law firms. The fact that it allows you to manipulate .pdf files makes it incredibly useful in the practice of law, which by its nature is a document intensive profession.

The stamps in Adobe Pro make it easy to insert the same image on a regular basis. It is simple to set up your digital signature to be an adobe stamp.

From inside Adobe Pro, open click on the stamp tool and choose "Create Custom Stamp":

Next, tell it that you want to use your .png signature file we had previously created. It seems that by default, the window that allows you to choose your file will only look for .pdf files, so make sure you tell it to look for .png files by changing the file type.

Once you've done this, tell Adobe which stamp category you want your signature to appear in, or create your own category. I just created a signature category. Last, give the stamp a name. Again, I chose signature.

Now, you have a stamp in Adobe that you can insert on any .pdf file quickly and easily. And because you made it with a transparent background, it will sit on top of other lines and text and let it bleed though the white spaces in your signature just as if you had actually signed it.

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