Monday, November 3, 2014

IFTTT for Attorneys: Use your Watch to Let Your Assistant Know You're Coming Back

Because of where I work and what I do, I'm on the road. A lot. I have a main office in one county, and a satellite office in another. Additionally, our office covers seven counties and I often travel to an eighth for meetings and occasionally court appearances. All of this traveling can leave me sometimes running behind.

A smart watch and IFTTT can easily and efficiently help your secretary or assistant know when you are heading back to the office. In IFTTT, create a new recipe where the trigger or if statement is tapping a button on your android smart watch.

The then statement will be up to you. You can choose to send a text to your legal assistant if they prefer that method of receiving communications from you. Alternatively, you could choose to send her an email from your GMail account.

If you choose the email option, by default it will send a picture from Google maps showing your location as well as a link to Google maps. You can then add in a message at the top or on the subject line saying "Heading back to the office" or what not. Thus a simple tap of the button let's your office know where you are and they can have a decent idea of when to expect you back in.

Is it kind of nerdy? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. I use this method to text my wife most nights to let her know I'm leaving the office.

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