Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stop Worrying About Finding the MOST Efficient and Just Make a Decision

I've mentioned this wonderful chart by XKCD a number of times. And I refer to it often to determine whether creating a particular time-saving task has any hope of actually saving time.

A couple days ago, XKCD put out another great chart on efficiency:

I have recently sat through a number of meetings where we've had to consider a few different routes we could take, we wanted to make the most efficient choice between two relatively similar routes, and we end up wasting more time talking about the problem than we would ever save by trying to choose the most efficient method.

The above chart is a reality. It is important to realize you're in such a conversation, bring it up, and try to end it as soon as possible. In the tech world, this type of conversation seems to happen all the time.

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