Monday, August 25, 2014


I recently read this article over at the Lawyerist discussing a number of obsolete technologies that should be out of the modern law firm. Some of them I completely agree with: Windows XP, dictaphones, and the fax machine should all be done with entirely. I would even agree that the copier could go as long as you had a good scanner and printer. Yet, in my practice, there is still a need for the trusty typewriter.

Don't get me wrong, whenever possible, I will scan a document and use Adobe to fill it out. But, there are some of the agencies with which I regularly work that will require things filled out in triplicate using the carbon forms of many colors (usually white, pink, and yellow). There, Adobe just won't work while my swing key Royalite '64 typewriter works like a charm.

I would agree that 99% of the time I could live without my typewriter, but I still need it often enough that I probably won't be getting rid of it until those awful triplicate carbon forms are gone forever.

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