Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Previously, I mentioned that I had a 10 year old laptop that shipped with Windows XP but had no hope of running Windows 7 or 8. So, instead of sending it out to pasture, I installed Linux.

It runs Linux without any problem, but its relatively small amount of RAM struggles with browsers like Chrome (it's actually Chromium) and Firefox. These browsers are great and offer a lot a really useful features. But, they are memory intensive for an older laptop like my Linux box.

So I began searching for a stripped down browser that would let me navigate the web but without all of the bells and whistles. Midori is a true unitasker as opposed to the Chromes and Firefoxes, which want you to stay in them to do everything.

Don't get me wrong. There isn't anything wrong with Chrome or Firefox wanting to do everything for me. I still use them on my newer machines. They just aren't as helpful on older machines.

So, if you find your internet experience to be too sluggish or you just want a browser that is a browser and nothing more, give Midori a try.

To get Midori for windows, go to their website and click download.

If you're running Debian Linux, from the terminal, just type: sudo apt-get install midori

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