Tuesday, January 21, 2014


FutureLawyer reminded me today of an App I use on such a regular basis that I take it for granted that everyone has it: AirDroid.

Once you install AirDroid on your phone, you are able to access your phone from your desktop without any annoying wires. You can manipulate files on your phone using your computer, which I find to be much easier than trying to do it on the phone. Additionally, you can copy files between your phone and computer. Of course, if you're going to do this and are concerned about data charges, make sure your phone is on a WiFi network.

My current phone is not rooted; however, if your phone is rooted, AirDroid can display your phones screen on your computer. I used this feature a number of times on my prior phone for giving demonstrations via GoToMeeting. Rooted or not, you can display your camera's view via AirDroid.

While the ability to manipulate files is wonderful, I think the thing that truly makes AirDroid indispensable in the office setting is the ability to send and respond to text messages on your computer. This eliminates the need to switch devices constantly depending on how you wish/need to communicate. Of course, any text you send using AirDroid shows up in your text message stream on your phone. I find this feature to be incredibly helpful at the office.

Even if you are not rooted, AirDroid offers a lot, and I highly encourage everyone to install it.

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